About WISE Connections

About WISE Connections

WISE & Healthy Aging’s WISE Connections is a nonprofit membership-based virtual community that supports aging in place, or independent living in one's own home, for adults 50 and older in the greater Los Angeles area. It is a neighbor-helping-neighbor model and is broadly based off of the "village" concept, which originated as a grassroots community effort in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood and has been replicated around the country with over 120 communities actively engaged in developing "village" associations.

Residents from various communities, together with WISE & Healthy Aging, have been developing membership-based WISE Connections programs specific to various Westside communities. It is a grassroots effort and is 100 percent member driven, providing what the community wants and needs to support indepenent living.

WISE & Healthy Aging’s WISE Connections is a recent grant recipient of the Archstone Foundation’s "Creating Aging Friendly Communities through the Expansion of Villages" and was also one of six “villages” in California to receive a grant through NCB Capital Impact on behalf of the SCAN Foundation. Support from these agencies enables WISE Connections to expand its reach, capacity and effectiveness.

Who can participate?

Membership is for those ages 50 and older; however, all members of the community are encouraged to participate as volunteers and partake in the WISE Connections neighborhood activities.

What are the benefits?

WISE Connections serves as a one-stop shop to meet your needs. The goal is to simplify your life, enable you to feel confident in the services you receive, keep you active and socially connected and help you to age well and independently. Examples of benefits include:

  • Single-source of referrals to pre-screened service providers
  • Discounts on services
  • Concierge services – help with scheduling appointments, making reservations, etc.
  • Members-only website with access to service providers, directory of members, information on local happenings
  • Members-only social events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Convenience services
  • Health & wellness coordinated activities
  • Peace of mind
  • One phone number to call for any of your needs
  • Someone to call when you don’t know what to do or who to turn to
  • Help solving your problems
  • Access to WISE & Healthy Aging’s established services
  • Large range of services — click here to see service offerings


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Living Room Chats

Gather a group of friends and neighbors at your home, or a neighbor’s, to brainstorm about how WISE Connections can best serve our residents. WISE & Healthy will facilitate the discussions. Sign up